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Roadmap for June Release

  • Stop work on equation semantic checking
  • Remove feedback window
  • Include colored subprocesses. Right click on process unit -> subprocess -> click on color. (Make sure to use color blind friendly colors and tooltips)
  • Integrate OSBLE login into ChemProv
  • Allow ChemProV to "see" critical review items that require a ChemProV submission
  • Allow ChemProV to save review documents to OSBLE
  • Merge review comments into a single ChemProV document

OSBLE Integration Design Space

Idea #1

  • Launch ChemProV document from OSBLE
    • Somehow knows whether not it's a review. If it's a submission, you can somehow upload back to OSBLE
    • Initially, we'd have to prompt for user/pass, but we can cache for later uses


  • Add "review discussion" assignment type that has a "precedes" a critical review
  • Should require the preceding assignment to be a critical review, must use same teams

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